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Enviro Hire and Service: Garden Refuse Removal
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The beautiful gardens which surround our homes have an unfortunate tendency of requiring care and maintenance. Garden maintenance is a favourite past time of many enthusiasts and weekend warriors.

Disposing of the material accumulated is a challenge particularly if the branches are greater than 20mm or the security guy at your local greens site decides that you are a contractor and hence may not dump over the weekend.

Don’t despair, Enviro Hire and Service will gladly assist. We do greens removals and given that the weight of the material is generally lighter than soil we are able to load a 4 ton truck to six tons as opposed to six cubic meters.

Our loads are covered as required by law and as a responsible corporate citizen. Don’t despair let us remove your greens and let you get back to your garden – whether it is planting or enjoying the view of the fruits of your labour over a beverage...

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