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Do you work in complexes?

Yes, but please bear in mind that complexes are not truck friendly. Our 4 ton truck requires a fair amount of space to enter and turn. We prefer not to enter complexes with the truck and suggest use of a 1 ton vehicle. Should you call us out to your site with the truck we take no responsibility in this regard and will be forced to charge a surcharge if we are turned away.

Do you work Saturdays?

Yes, by arrangement only. Sundays we are closed as we struggle to dump on Sundays.

How wide an entrance do you need?

For our 4 ton truck at least 2.6m opening, and one tone loads a standard driveway.

Are you insured?

Loads can be insured upon request. We enter your property at your risk and do not take any responsibilities should an unfortunate or unseen event transpire.

How are your teams managed?

Our Operations Director is only ever a phone call away, if warranted he will come to your site (our teams are used to surprise on site management inspections).

Will my paving get damaged?

Unlike the guaranteed damage of a skip our truck will not damage your paving. We can unfortunately not guarantee that paving will not subside under a loading truck as the weight of the load and vehicle are transferred through the wheelsbase to the ground. Some driveways have been known to subside under this weight and this risk is borne completely by the client as Enviro Hire cannot guarantee the quality of the client paving.

When has the truck reached load limit?

The capacity of the truck body (at legal load limits) is 4 cubic meters, and the capacity of this vehicle is 4 tons. We load to the earlier of either of these measures. Some material is heavier than it is large (such as cement blocks). Once the vehicle reaches its weight limit our drivers are instructed to stop loading as this would result in damaged trucks, missed timelines and increased maintenance cost should we allow vehicle abuse. Please respect this. Our driver will show you why he has stopped loading i.e. chassis drop, tyre bulge etc.

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