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At Enviro Hire and Service we see the benefit in a service approach to rubble removal. Rubble exists in many forms household rubble, building rubble from home projects and construction waste rubble. Household rubble may even be the results of the annual yard clean up where you are left with bricks, concrete blocks, tree stumps, garden greens and other .....stuff. Don't despair, an Enviro Hire Service team will remove this headache for you.

There are a few options available to the homeowner, small contractor and major builder to dispose of building rubble. Service offerings in the market include the use of skips which are left on your pavement for a period of time, there are those providers who drive around ringing door bells in the hope that you have rubble and then there is Enviro Hire and Service!

We specialize in the removal of your rubble from your premises with emphasis on the least amount of effort and inconvenience to you the valued customer. We use a fleet of vehicles sized between 1 and 4 tons, these vehicles are hand loaded by our team (who are supervised at all times by an accountable team leader). Our team load the vehicles as part of the service offered and only where the material is further than 4m from the loading area are we forced to add a carting surcharge.

You may wonder how we can differentiate in the service of rubble removal? Skips require your labour to load! We load for you offering a full service turn around service. Our team cleans up after loading which means you are not left with those few articles that were overlooked and you again battle to dispose of.

Please note that we do not remove hazardous waste. We practice responsible and safe disposal of collected material.

A quick comparison between our 4 Ton truck and a standard 6 cube skip.

Our 4 Ton Truck 6 cube skip
Loaded for you
No Time Limit
Labour Supplied
Post Loading Cleanup
Cost Saving ± R 600 R 0 (No Savings)

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